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ASTR 225: General Astronomy: Books & ebooks

Supporting sources and tips for research in astronomy.

Find background information

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Gale Virtual Reference Library is a growing collection of electronic reference books

Try doing a keyword search on your astronomy topic in this source.  Some, but not all, astronomy topics may be found here.  It is worth a try for you to gather some background information for your research.  This collection is a good alternative to Wikipedia.

Search by Subject

Library of Congress Subject Headings are used in most university library catalogs to describe the content of a book, DVDs, or other material included in the catalog.  By using Subject Headings you can conduct more precise searches and hopefully find information that is closely related to your topic.

Try some of these subject terms in a library catalog search for research in this class:








ebooks on astronomy topics

The Egan Library provides ebooks ("electronic books") when available for purchase for the convenience of e-learners.  Some books are simply not available in electronic format, and some ebooks are not sold to libraries.  Astronomy-related ebooks of the science-fiction genre are not included on this list.

Finding books and media

You can find books, media (like DVDs and CDs) and other items in the Library's collection by using the Egan Library catalog.  


If you are an e-Learner and visit the Ketchikan library, you can search the Ketchikan Library Catalog.

How to get print books from the library

We have a growing collection of ebooks which are easily accessible online.  These may be particularly attractive to e-Learners who cannot visit the Egan Library or the Ketchikan Library.  There are a couple of things you can do to get print books that we do not have available full-text online if you are an e-Learner who is not in Juneau or Ketchikan. 

 See the chart How to Get Books from the Library for UAS E-Learners for instructions on how to get print books from the library.  They may even be sent directly to your home!