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New RefWorks Citation Management: Moving from Legacy RefWorks

Info to help users understand and transition from Legacy RefWorks to New RefWorks.

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Comparison of Versions

Access to Legacy RefWorks ended May 10th 2016.  

New RefWorks
  • Good integation with OneSearch
  • Read and annotate documents with built-in reader
  • Share documents and citations with others
  • Plugin for managing references in GoogleDocs
Legacy RefWorks
  • Built-in RSS feed reader
  • Ability to search library catalogs from within account
  • Plugin for managing references in MS Word

Because the New RefWorks does not have a plugin for MS Word, it is suggested that you do not migrate while working on an existing paper or time-sensitive project.

Import Data from Refworks

You can easily import all your references from Legacy RefWorks to New RefWorks.  Your folders in Legacy RefWorks become collections in New Refworks.  

  1. Login to your New RefWorks account.
  2. Click on the "add"  icon  in New RefWorks and select “Import References”.
  3. Click on the RefWorks button in the "Import from another reference manager”.
  4. You’ll be asked to “authorize” to your Legacy RefWorks account so you will need to enter your Legacy RefWorks login credentials.
  5. Your items will be imported into New RefWorks.  You will be notified if any items were NOT copied.
  6. Your research appears in the “recent” area of New RefWorks.  Note:  Importing does not remove your research from your Legacy RefWorks account – it simply copies it

Export Data back to Legacy Refworks

You can also export your references in New RefWorks to a file in a standard format for import into your Legacy RefWorks account or other citation management software.

  • In your New RefWorks account, click the "Share"   icon at the top of the page, select "Export references", and choose the RIS format
  • In your Legacy RefWorks account, use the Import feature under References to import the file you created


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