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ANTH 211: Class Project: Find Articles

A research guide designed to help students streamline their research, give them information on evaluating sources, help them find appropriate materials, apply the appropriate style and formatting, and write a well-structured report/essay.

E-Learning Students

On-campus student? E-Learning student? – UAS libraries provides many online resources for the convenience of all students.  As you use this guide, you'll notice green student sitting at desk w/computerthat it includes information about searching and finding both print and online resources.  All students have access to our electronic resources.  You will need your UA username and password to access our e-resources, like eBooks and the full text of articles online.  If you need to retrieve or reset your UA username and password, visit ELMO.


Recommended Databases Found through Database Vendors Link

Scholarly and Peer-reviewed Journals

Scholarly journals provide an in-depth analysis of topics.

Scholarly journals may be published by a professional organization.

The author is usually an expert or specialist in the field.

Articles are written the jargon of the field for scholarly readers.

Articles are more structured and may include an abstract, methodology, results, conclusion and bibliography.

Articles are reviewed and critically evaluated by peers or experts in the field.

A bibliography and/or footnotes are always provided to document the research.

Most scholarly journals are also considered "peer-reviewed", defined as 
"[t]he process by which an academic journal passes a paper submitted for publication to independent experts for comments on its suitability and worth; refereeing."  Oxford English Dictionary.

For more information, go to the Campus Library's website.


I'm a Librarian - ask me for help!

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What To Do If You Can't Find the Articles You Need

Help! I need an article not available online. If you find a citation for an article that is not available to you online, you have options to get that article.

1. Ask a librarian for help at Librarians are experts in finding articles for you.

2. Check our Journal Title Search - search for a journal, magazine, or newspaper to find out if the library has access.

3. Interlibrary Loan - we can order an article for you from another library - this normally takes several days to receive the article. There is no fee to UAS students for Interlibrary Loans.


Never pay for an article on a publisher's website - ask a librarian for help and you'll save both time and money.