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Assistive Technology - Special Features of Egan Library Computers and Collections: Home

A guide to assistive technology on computers in Egan Library, and our collections with enhanced accessibility features. If you have low vision, hearing, or keyboarding difficulty you may find the info here useful.

Adobe Acrobat XI

Adobe Acrobat XI Reader (available on Egan Library computers) has a built-in reading function for PDFs. When you are viewing a PDF, go to

View > Read Out Loud > Activate Read Out Loud

Go to Acrobat for more information on accessibility.


Many articles and ebooks are available in PDF format.  If you need a text to speech reader, first try opening the file in Acrobat XI and try the read out loud option.

Library Computers Accessibility

Egan Library offers 10 terminals dedicated for student use and an additional 9 terminals also open to students and the public.  All machines have a Windows operating system, Internet access, and an Accessibility Package.

How do I find the accessibility features on a library computer?

You can usually click WIN + U at the same time to review the accessibility features:

windows key    +   U

You may also go to Start > Control Panel > Ease of Access Center

What accessibility features are available to me?

  • VisualThe ability to alter the screen resolution, text size and color, cursor size and blink rate, a screen magnifier, setting of screen contrast and color schemes
  • Volume (with headphones plugged in) – ability to adjust the volume, set sounds for certain tasks or notifications, and a narrator
  • Mouse – set options on click speed, click lock, pointer speed, size and color, and more.
  • Keyboard options – change keyboard layout, sticky keys, toggle keys, move mouse using keypad, on-screen keyboard
  • Narrator
  • Speech recognition
  • Screen Reader

Note, once you have ended your session, you may have to reset the features next time you use a computer.

Read & Write Gold

Read & Write Gold is a software program for use on a computer to assist with reading, writing, and note-taking of web and other content.

We have a flash drive copy available for 2-hour loan periods for use on Egan Library computers.

Ask for

Read & Write Gold

at the Egan Library


articles in EBSCOhost databases

Articles with HTML full text have the added functionality of a reader (in American, British, or Australian accents) of these articles. Also new is the ability to download the article as an MP3 file – when it is available.