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ASTR 225: General Astronomy: Home

Supporting sources and tips for research in astronomy.

Attention E-Learners, These Resources are for You!

On-campus student? E-Learner student? – UAS libraries provides many online resources for the convenience of all students.  As you use this guide, you'll notice that it includes information about searching and finding both print and online resources.  All students have access to our electronic resources.  You will need your UA username and password to access our e-resources, like eBooks and the full text of articles online.  If you need to retrieve or reset your UA username and password, visit ELMO.

If you are an e-Learner, see our brief information on getting books and articles and our services for all students webpage to learn more about how to get the materials you need for your research and study.  


General guides for library research

These guides cover the basics of different aspects of library research and finding different formats of information. 



This is a guide to support astronomy students in your class assignments.  There are many sources of information including magazines, journals, books, ebooks, websites to explore on your favorite astronomy topics.  Here we will introduce some of the sources especially useful that are available in Egan Library collections, provide ways to evaluate the information you find, and how to cite sources.


Carina Nebula

Carina Nebula, by ESO ( [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

New to library research?

If you are just getting started or need a refresher in using the library (including both the physical library and our virtual library with many resources for e-Learners) start here.