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ED 631: MAT Students / Christian Summer 2020: Google Scholar

A starting place for ED 631 Research

Using Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a great tool for tracking down "known items" (articles you are already have the citation for).  For example, if Smith, 2011 cites Bergman, 2009 and you decide that Bergman's research would be really important to you to read, instead of going to ERIC or another education database to search for Bergman, use Google Scholar. 

One nice part of Google Scholar is that you can set Library Links in settings so that Scholar recognizes Egan Library as your library.  Then it will give you links to all full text content available through the Egan Library, right in Google Scholar.  It will also guide you to interlibrary loan, should it be an article you will need to order that way.

Search Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Guide to Google Scholar

Set up your Google Scholar Preferences

First, go to

Select Settings (your screen may look slightly different than this)

Scholar Settings

Then, click "Library Links"

Library Links



Search for University of Alaska Southeast and include the following UAS links to full text

Libraries in Scholar


Now you are set to connect to full text of sources licensed by the Egan Library!