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Biology 384: Marine Mammalogy_Spring 2016: Find Articles

Research guide to facilitate student research papers and student led discussion activity on marine mammal conservation topics for Dr. Heidi Pearson's Biology 384: Marine Mammalogy course.

Recommended Life Science and Enviro-Science Databases

What to do when an article isn't available

Help!  The article I want isn't available in full-text. 


If you find a citation for an article that is not available to you in full-text, you have options to get that article.

1.  Ask a librarian for help.  Librarians are experts in finding articles for you.

2.  Check our Journal Search - search for a journal, magazine, or newspaper by title to find out if the library has access. Sometimes we have a print copy in the library. 

3.  Interlibrary Loan - we can order an article for you from another library - this normally just a few days to receive the article.  There is no fee to UAS students for Interlibrary Loans. 

Never pay for an article on a publisher's website - ask a librarian for help and you'll save both time and money. 

The OneSearch Search Box

By using OneSearch from the Egan Library homepage you can search for the library's holdings for books, articles, media (like DVDs), and more by using a single search box!

Egan Library homepage screenshot showing OneSearch search box

What is Full Text Finder?

Full Text Finder is a tool that provides links from a citation or abstract in a database or search engine to the electronic full text of the item, if available, or other options for obtaining the item.  All you really need to know is that when you come across the LinkSource logo click the link "Full Text Finder @ UAS" (or a similarly worded link).  This link will guide you to the full article when we have licensed access to it.  When we do not have ready access to the full text article you need.  If the article isn't available, you will have the option to order the article through Interlibrary Loan.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search