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US Presidential Election - 2016: Home

Fact-checking, current news and analysis, and more.

Do you need to register to vote or update your registration information?  Check the State of Alaska's Division of Elections webpage to make sure that you will be able to vote come November!

Historical and Background Information

Use the Egan Library catalog to find books about the history and development of political parties, voting, and other aspects of US elections.

Review how to become President of the United States (from 

Articles and Reports Related to the Election

Find magazine, newspaper, and journal articles about the candidates and elections using these library resources.

Bias may certainly be present in articles as well as web sources.  Check the document Both Sides of the Story, by the Thomas G. Carpenter Library at the University of North Florida, if you are unsure of the political leanings of a specific publication.  You can also check the publication's website as well.


Tracking the Candidates - Media

Keep current with what's happening with the candidates, issues, polls, and election progress through various media.




Updates from Fact Check

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