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Early Scholars Guide to Researching Cultures and Tribal Organizations: Alaska Cultures Research (2019)

Start here for research at the Egan Library on Alaska Native cultures and tribal organizations.

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Cyril George Collection

Named after Ḵaalḵáawu Cyril George, a Tlingit leader from the Deisheetaan Clan of Angoon, and partially funded by a Rasmuson Foundation grant. The Cyril George Collection honors indigenous voices and Alaska Native Knowledge in a collection of over 3,000 volumes on the main floor of Egan Library.

Guiding Questions for your Research

The following questions are posed for your consideration as you work on your research in the Early Scholars program:

Cultural values

  • What are some of the values found in the culture you are studying?
  • Compare the values of one culture to another.  How are the two cultures similar? How do they differ?

Beliefs and norms

  • What are some of the beliefs or norms found in a specific culture you are studying?
  • How do these beliefs compare to those of another culture in contrast?
  • How do the norms or beliefs differ between two cultures?

By the end of the semester

  • Should Alaska Native tribes or corporations support resource development?

Researching Cultures in Alaska


Pacific Northwest Coast Native Art Collection

JDHS Handout for Thinking about Culture

Cite your Sources!

Guess what?!

Research expert tip:  A majority of the databases you search for articles will have a Cite This!  link or button that will help you get an APA citation for your research. Just remember to check it and make it perfect!