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How to find and evaluate information for your assignments .

Welcome to the world of information on human anatomy and physiology!

Start your research off right!

Know where to look

Know how to evaluate the credibility of your sources

Use this guide for Disease Team Assignments

and whenever you want to dig deeper into information about the human body


human skull

Useful Sources of Information

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Evaluating Your Sources

Here are some questions you can ask yourself when you are finding information.  Be a critical thinker and apply the CRAAP* test to everything you read!

How current is this article (book)? Have more recent articles or books been published on this topic?

Does this article (or book, or presentation or website) address issues surrounding the disease you are researching? Does it add something to my
understanding of the topic?

Who is the author? Have they written a lot on this topic? Are they qualified to speak on the issues? What is their educational and work

Are there errors (punctuation, spelling?) Did this source have to go through a review process, with editors, in order to be published?

Does the author have an obvious bias or prejudice? What is their intent of writing the piece? Are alternative points of view acknowledged?


What about Google?


Google is Great!  You just have to evaluate and read the sources you find through Google critically.  Actually, with every source of information you use it is important to evaluate and read it critically!  Apply the CRAAP test - (currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, purpose) to your sources so that you are not spreading inaccurate information.  Your assignments and your understanding of diseases as they affect the human body will improve as the quality of your sources improve.

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Jennifer Ward
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What citation style do I use?

For the purposes of this class, there is no required citation style, but you must cite your sources!


What about Wikipedia?


Wikipedia can be really useful when you need to understand a concept that you are unfamiliar with.  One problem with citing Wikipedia and using it as a source for your college assignments is the issue of authority.  Because anyone in the world with access can update and change Wikipedia entries there is a concern of inaccurate information.  Scholars at the university usually prefer that you cite sources that are not flexible / changeable.  Again, Wikipedia can be helpful to inform you about a disease or concept - just find other sources to verify the information and to cite in your assignments.