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Beginning Your Research @ Your Library : Home

How can you get started finding information for your research paper or project? Use this guide to find out!

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Do you need help with your research?
If so - ask a librarian - we are here to help!

In Juneau & Sitka contact the Egan Library for research help by:

In Ketchikan contact the Ketchikan Campus Library by:

The Research Process

This guide is designed to detail how you can follow the steps of the research process while making effective use of the Egan Library's resources and services.  Generally, the research process includes picking a topic, finding background and other research materials, and then evaluating and citing your sources. 

But the process isn't always this linear!  For example, it's helpful to evaluate your resources as you find them, which may determine the amount of additional resources that you need to find.  In turn, the information that you find in those resources may inspire you to revise your topic.

These steps are a good outline, though, of how to go about conducting research for your paper or project:

Attention E-Learners - These Resources are for You!

On-campus student? E-Learner student? – UAS libraries provides many online resources for the convenience of all students.  As you use this guide, you'll notice that it includes information about searching and finding both print and online resources.  All students have access to our electronic resources.  You will need your UA username and password to access our e-resources, like eBooks and the full text of articles online.  If you need to retrieve or reset your UA username and password, visit ELMO.

If you are an e-Learner with classes based in Juneau or Sitka, Egan Library is your library.   If you're based in Ketchikan,. then the Ketchikan Campus Library is your library.  Both libraries are here to support your success!  See the webpages below for information on how to get books, articles, research help, and more for e-Learners:

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