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College Success Skills: Online Resources: Getting Started

Guide to help UAS Ketchikan students be successful!


Just getting started at UAS?  This page offers some great information for a positive college experience.  To get the most out of this site, take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the page.  Click on the blue buttons at the top of the page for information on each topic.  For example, under Learning and Memory, you will find valuable tips for improving memory.  As you will note, the tab for the page you are viewing is highlighted in green.

Academic Resources


Welcome to UAS Ketchikan! Here are several resources related to the university.


Thank you!

A huge thank you to Jefferson Community and Technical College for giving us permission to use their excellent template for this Research Guide.


Electronic Resources

There are a number of important resources available to you electronically.  These are resources you will use throughout your time at UAS Ketchikan, so it's critical to master them early on. 

student at computer