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Statistics: Finding Statistics

This guide provides suggested resources for finding a variety of statistics for Alaska, the US, and the world.

Search by Subject

To find statistics in the Library's collection, search the Library's catalog by keyword or by Subject.

Examples of of a search by Subject  include the following:

United States  - Social conditions - Statistics

Education - Statistics

Population - Statistics

Social indicators

World health - Statistics

Also search by country e.g.

Education - United States  - Statistics

United States - Statistics

Finding Statistics in the Library's Collection

You can search the library's catalog to locate current and historical statistics. These are statistics are available in print and electronically.

To find statistics, search the library catalog:

  • by All Fields (this means that your key words will occur in any field of the book's record)
  • by Subject (this means that your key words will occur in the Subject field - under Subject Terms - of the book's record)

Use the word statistics as one of the key words e.g. Alaska and energy and statistics

Finding Statistics on the Web

The most current statistics are available on the Web.

You may want to make use of Google's Advanced Search to create a sophisticated search and limit the domain to .edu, .gov, or .org.

When finding statistical information freely available through the Internet, be sure to make sure that the statistics are from reliable sources and are accurate.  The C.R.A.A.P. test is a useful guide for evaluating information, and particularly Internet resources.

Finding Statistics Using Library Databases

You can search the Library's databases in order to find articles and other information resources that include statistics.  As with searching the Library catalog, use statistics as one of your keywords when searching.  Be sure to choose a database that is relevant for your subject area.

Selected article databases that include statistics and reports:

Subject Guide