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Information Literacy @ Egan Library

What is Information Literacy?

Information Literacy graphic with a circle on top of an open book

Information Literacy, one of the UAS Undergraduate Competencies, is the ability to:

  • Know when you need information
  • Identify the best place(s) to find that information
  • Search strategically and comprehensively
  • Evaluate the authority & credibility of information you find
  • Give appropriate credit to your sources

Get Research Help

Reference librarians at Egan Library are here for you, both in-person and online! 

Library Research Guides

Egan Library has many research guides available to help you improve your information literacy skills and complete your class research assignments:

LS Information Literacy Courses

Strengthen your research skills, enhance your knowledge of library and online resources, and develop your understanding of our networked information ecosystem by taking an LS course! 

LS 110: Library Resources and Information Literacy (in-person)

LS 111: Library Information Literacy for E-Learners (asynchronous online)

  • Nine-week, 1-credt short courses
  • Provide an introduction to the research process and information literacy skills, including: locating, evaluating, and citing information from article databases, e-book collections, and the Internet
  • Students will also also explore current issues in information literacy, such as misinformation and fact-checking, filter bubbles, Internet equity, and bias

LS 220: Internet and Society

  • Full-semester, 3-credit course
  • Provides a deeper understanding of the power structures that shape the Internet, social media and contemporary society
  • Prerequisite: WRTG S111 (C 2.0 or better) or concurrent enrollment, or instructor permission

What prior LS 110/111 students say:

  • “I had no idea how many resources were available, where to find them, or who to ask for help. Out of all the courses this semester, my library skills class will be the most useful.” 
  • “I found Zotero to be extremely helpful. I have used it for several of my other classes this semester to help with citation. Being able to navigate databases now with the tools that this class has provided has really enhanced my ability to research and evaluate sources."
  • "I really enjoyed this class because I learned a lot more than I knew possible about research and all the other things that are out there on the internet and how they play a role in my life."

Check the current course schedule for the next available class. Please contact Kaia Henrickson, Information Literacy Librarian, with any questions.