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All about ebooks at UAS libraries.

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This is a guide to ebooks (electronic books) available through Egan Library and Ketchikan Campus Library. We purchase many electronic books for the convenience of students.  With ebooks - you can access it 24/7 from your computer, wherever you are.  We will review the ebook collections and how to view them on your computer.

You can find a list of our ebook collections below, and access them from our website.

Take Note


  • not all ebooks available through the library may be downloaded to a hand-held device. it depends on the publisher and platform it is on.
  • you can view all of our ebooks on your computer.  some ebooks will be download-able to ipads, smartphones, Kindle, and other devices - each ebook will have its own access rules
  • printing is allowed for portions of some ebooks. some ebook publishers do not allow printing, others allow to print out entire chapters at a time.

Ebook Providers

How do I search for eBooks?

ebook reader


You can not only go directly to ebook providers, you can also search within the following collections for ebooks.


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