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OneSearch - Highlights: Results List

This short Research Guide introduces you to some of the exciting features available in OneSearch.

How Your Results Are Sorted

The default for search results in OneSearch is by relevance. 

When results are sorted by Relevance it means that the results that most closely match up with the keywords you used to search OneSearch are displayed first.  You can also choose to sort your results by Date Newest (results from more recent publications will display first) or by Date Oldest (results from older publications will display first).

Image of OneSearch results sorting drop down menu

Results Display of Material Types

Find information about the different materials that you retrieve

Since OneSearch will retrieve records for a variety of materials included in the library's collections, you may notice journal articles, books, and eBooks included in your results list.  If your result is an article, you may see the PDF icon that indicates the full-text of the article, which is available directly from your results list.  If the article is not directly available, you should see the Full Text Finder icon and link.  Follow this to obtain the full-text or to place an Interlibrary loan!

Image of Full Text Finder @UAS link



If your result is an eBook, you may see the option to view the book, download it, or expand the Table of Contents from the Results page.

Image of PDF, EPUB Full Text, Table of Contents, and Most Relevant Pages from this eBook




For print books and media items (like DVDs) housed in the library, you will see the availability and the information needed to locate the item.


Refining Your Search

Refining your search

Take advantage of simple ways to refine your search!  After you conduct your search, narrow your search (if necessary) by using the facets on the left-hand side of the page.

Facets that you may want to try out include:

  • Refine your results by Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals.  By selecting this option to Refine your results, you will retrieve only those articles from Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals, and other results will be eliminated from your search.

  • Source Types.  Choose a specific source if you have a preference.



  • Expand the Subject facet to select specific Subjects related to your search.